Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Texas Tech Game

As a parent there are many "first" that you get the privilege of experiencing with your children...first smile...laugh...word...All of which I have experienced with Caroline, BUT one of the best "firsts" I got to experience with my daughter occurred Sunday, September 5, 2010...we got decked out in our finest scarlet red and black and watch her FIRST TEXAS TECH GAME together! It couldn't have been more perfect!!!

Texas Tech is a tradition not only in my family but Kyle's as well. I would say having my aunts and uncles all attend the same wonderful university as my parents is somewhat of a tradition and Kyle's parents, his brother and sister all attended Tech. Some might say we bleed red and black! Heck our brother-in-law, Jeff, is already talking about us going in together to buy a house for Olivia, Elizabeth and Caroline...All I can say is Watch out Lubbock...The Haley and Blair Girls are heading your 14 short years (Olivia will be four this year and you know Elizabeth and Caroline will definitely be visiting)!

BUT I suppose that Sunday was such a special day for me because Lubbock is where I met some of the best friends of my life. Which in turn makes the memories that much sweeter. I can only hope that Caroline will enjoy Lubbock as much as I did. And who knows maybe she'll sport a crown around like I can dream right?

Future Red Raider
Please notice that she's got the phone in her hand because she's calling home (not to ask for money but to simply chat)...we'll be that close :)


Aunt Coo-Coo said...

LOVE that girl!!! Her outfit is so cute!!....I dont really know what team Christopher and I would have Henry wear, since the only thing we football revelry we partake in are the 'spirits'..ha....maybe we will go Saints?? I bet yall had fun! Miss you!