Thursday, May 27, 2010

Decorating Help

Ok "followers", all 15 of you...I need some help...I found this headboard on a different of the 100s that I follow and I LOVE it!
Yes, that's's pink...and it's shantung. Since I know ALL of you personally and therefore you ALL know you think I can pull it off in our master bedroom?

Or am I going to have to go with the boring white one?

I mean the white one is just plain cotton and will allow me to change my bedding etc. BUT I mean I LURVE the pink one!

Be brutally honest...that's why I cam to ya'll in the first place!

Last night...

Well last night started off normally...put the babe to sleep around 7:00 and then off to do laundry and make baby food...when I was doing laundry i forgot about the sleeping babe across the hall and slammed the dryer door...waking said sleeping babe. Then it was off and on until about 9:00. Then I finally got all the baby food made and cooled and put in the freezer and was going to bed around 11:00 (I know I'm super mom).

Well things went well until 3:00. Then all hell broke loss on Panterra Way. I went into her room changed her diaper and picked her up and rocked her. I put her down and then went and got back in bed. I suppose 30 minutes went by and I was awoken again to her screams. This is probably what makes me different because I was a little happy this time. I knew my plan of action. I went back in and tried the same thing...didn't work...I got even happier. So I put her down briefly and bloody murder screaming ensued and went to the guest bedroom and got rid of all of the pillows. We were going to have a sleepover. Now R-E-L-A-X this doesn't happen that often. In fact we haven't had a sleepover since she was 4 months's a rare thing. I put that little crying babe on my chest and golden silence. She just needed a little one on one time. I mean the serious one on one time that can only occur at 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning. The kind where you feel like you are the only two people up...the best time. I just laid there and breathed in every single minute because I know these moments will soon come to an end not because I want them to but because she'll eventually get too big to lay on my stomach. I don't even want to think of how sad that will be...and I won't...I'll pull a Scarlett O'Hara and think of that tomorrow.

I mean how could you not love every single minute spent with this little babe...

The sleep lost taking in this beauty was quickly corrected by a venti (large) triple skinny cinnamon dolce was definitely time well spent!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

David's Birthday - Tyler Zoo

Last weekend was CRAZY! We drove to Tyler Friday afternoon, I had taken Friday off, so that we could be there bright and early for our newphew David's FIRST birthday party!

Friday night we all had dinner over at Mary Ann and Doug's house. A little pre-party celebration for the little man. There was lots of cousins playing. If it was any indication of what future Blair/Haley celebrations will be's going to be interesting. Anytime now there will be 4 cousins and they will all be under the age of 4...don't you want to come along for the next celebration?
Waiting on some dinner....

David and Caroline...aren't they cute?
Playing side by cute!

Then Saturday it was up and at 'em for David's party. We all met at the Caldwell Zoo and made the trek up to the party was quite the hike. The room was perfect. David's party was the LAST party at the zoo. They won't be offering it any longer. That's how we roll!

Look at the adorable cake!

The Birthday Boy!

Caroline in her smocked monkey dress. The invitations had monkeys with bananas on them so OF COURSE Caroline had to match....

Caroline had to walk over and see what all the fuss was about...isn't she advanced?
Then it was off to check out all of the animals. If you haven't been to The Caldwell Zoo you should. It's great!

Caroline was actually awake for most of the zoo.
I was kind of obsessed with the's the proof.

Then she fell asleep...
BUT there were tiny birds to be fed with my niece before we left. We walked in to this netted area and were given tongue depressors with seeds glued onto them. Then we just walked over and let the birds nibble. There were a lot of little kiddos in there having the time of their life. I only screamed once and Liv laughed at me. Needless to say these were some fat birds.

Then we were done. It had been a long hot day and it was time to go home and get in the pool!

Caroline had the best time at her cousin David's party...she had her first taste of icing, which surprisingly she wasn't too excited about...and she got to hang out with her family. She had so much fun with her cousin David that she's going to celebrate his birthday again this weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I realize that I'm blessed for absolutely everything that I have...a wonderful husband and an even better chunky monkey (a.k.a. Caroline), but there are some days when I just don't feel as thankful as I should (like tripping and almost breaking my neck on Kyle's flip flops or getting to work and noticing Carolines little love the form of baby spit up on my leg...I know...I know it's a great place for a noticeable stain especially in that particular color). On those days I go here and my thankfulness tank gets fulled up (I'm from Corsicana what did you expect).

I follow her blog on a daily basis. She's an amazing mom, photographer, wife and friend. She reminds me daily about what is important and I just had to share my Kelle fix with my friends. Follow her...learn from her (like I have)...appreciate your life a little more!

This most recent post really reminds me about my last weekend in Shreveport (shout out to those girls) and makes me look forward to my long awaited weekend with my bestest at the end of June. It can't get here quick enough!

Have a great weekend! What you's only Thursday not Friday...that's right readers I'm going to get my groove on tonight at Jimmy Buffett and then no work on Friday. Off to get my chunky monkey and then to Tyler to celebrate the first year of life of my super advanced and adorable's at the zoo and Caroline is wearing a yellow seersucker dress with monkeys and bananas on it. That's your taste for next week's post! Lots of pictures to come.

But seriously head on over to Kelle's blog, but you've been warned get your Kleenex!

Your homework for the weekend...Have a belly laugh like this...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, May 7, 2010


Well it has been too long since my last post. Well we went to Galveston a couple of weekends ago with the FAM. The FAM being my mother and father, my Aunt and Uncle, Kyle, Caroline and myself. We had our pictures take on the beach. Still haven't seen them yet so I don't know if the trip was worth it or not...I jest. I had the most fabulous time with my family.

Believe it or not Galveston has a lot to offer and Kyle and I both discussed how we needed to go and visit more often. Although we might want to revisit that conversation in light of the latest oil disaster in the Gulf. I can hear Kyle kussing as I type this.....$%^&*#$ BP.....They're messing it up for all of us. Well enough on the oil and gas how I wonder. On to our Galveston vacay.

Well needless to say. Caroline was so happy to get out of the car and see her PawPaw. This girl loves him so much....can you tell?

Well everyone was pretty much beat from the traveling day so we just had some of Dad's barbeque and went to bed.

But it was bright and early the next day. It started with a walk on the beach with everyone...including Vivian.

Proud Grandparents.

Vivian absolutely LOVED the ocean. If there hadn't been an attack of the jellyfish I would have totally let her run around for hours!

Check out my photography skills and my Aunt Kathleen with Caroline.

Look at those boys. She LOVED playing in the sand...Look at those legs!

During the trip she FINALLY got that stinking toe in her mouth.

We just hung out and spent the day walking around The Strand. Kyle had to go back to Houston because he got the entire suite for the Astros game. We were all really proud of him. Then we headed back to the house to just lay around.

The next day we decided to have lunch at Guidos. A Galveston landmark. I believe the restaurant has been in service for 99 years. Its a must go when visiting Galveston.

This is how Caroline started the lunch at Guidos. In her "seat"

This is how she ended the meal...

Then we made it over to a local fish market for some food for dinner (glad we got some good quality sea food prior to the BP disaster).

These were the only two that I could get to take a picture with the statute

I saw this and couldn't resist taking a picture. You should have seen the faces of all of the fish mongurs. They thought I was crazy taking pictures of the fish, shrimp and seasonings. I'm pretty sure that people take pictures with the one-legged salty sailor on a regular basis.


We had eaten so much at lunch that we decided that we would just snack for fish. We saved for the next time. So when you don't have to prepare a lavish seafood dinner. What do you do with your time? Play with the baby and enjoy cocktails!

Then it was bath time. Caroline learned a new trick while we were there and it involved her octopus bath toy....

The next day all of the guys went fishing. Thanks to Granny and PawPaw. So the girls went to lunch at Red Fins and then went shopping for souvenirs. I wanted a snow globe, yes I collect them, and a t-shirt for Caroline. So we went to Murdochs.

It was fabulous. They have this wonderful veranda on the back and serve adult beverages. So we didn't find a t-shirt for Caroline but we did find some dolphin bath toys. We pulled up three rocking chairs and listened as the waves crashed below us.

Check out these hermit crabs...I couldn't resist taking their pictures.

Then we were off to the beach...with Vivian...a stroller...beach towels and an umbrella. Vivian had to be returned, it was too windy for the umbrella. It lasted all of 30 minutes.

As we were making our way back we saw the guys pull in. They regailed us with their fishing stories. They had a wonderful time and Kyle caught this huge Red Drum fish. It was the biggest fish caught that day. Way to go Kyle.

Then it was time for the fish fry. It was our last night. During the day Aunt Kathleen bought Caroline this fish fry dress...she isn't spoiled at all.

She loves her Gumpa!

We enjoyed fabulous grouper and flounder and wine.

It was absolutely divine! The perfect way to end our vacation....wait I did...let's wake up at 5 and get ready to take pictures! Silly weather on Friday ruined our plans. We ended up taking them early...7:00. I'll post them once we get them!