Friday, April 24, 2009

Work Work Work!

Well this past weekend I tricked my relatives into coming down to our house to celebrate Easter...but of course my master plan was to make them work...and work they did!

It rained all day Saturday but that didn't keep me from dragging my Aunt, Mother, and 80 something Granny out into the rain to look for drapes. We visited every store in the Woodlands to no avail! So I allowed them to go home and eat dinner.

The real work (manual labor) didn't begin until early Sunday morning. Once everyone arrived at our house we loaded the car up and went to Home Depot...all 8 of us! We got all the plants my Aunt would need for window boxes and flower beds. Once that 2 hour trip was over we returned home and I put my Aunt to work! Once I had her planting and my Father, Uncle and Paw Paw at work on our drip system on our balcony my Mother, Granny, and I were off to Pottery Barn for one last attempt at finding drapes for the living room and dining room.

Well, needless to say they worked hard and my house reaped the benefits! Please come and visit and enjoy their hard work as much as Kyle and I do!

Here are some pictures of the end result of their hard work (lots of pictures because I like blogs with pictures). Kyle and I are so lucky to have great loved ones in our lives.

The front of the house

Our beautiful gardenia bushes...yes that's right we have TWO! All of my Shreveport friends might remember the one at our old house that was destroyed by our neighbor's tree falling on it and then SWEPCO running over it!

The balcony in all of it's glory!

View form the balcony. It's it beautiful?

Now for the inside of the house...

The Living Room

The Dining Room

This weekend was a huge success thanks to the help of my husband and family! THANK YOU!


Stephanie Netherton said...

Your new house is beautiful! You're such a woman with style!

Kate said...

Way to go Kristen. I knew you could trick people into free labor! I can't wait to come wear out my welcome!

melissa said...

Love it!!! So cute!

Chris and Casey David said...

Hey, did yall do all that landscaping??? Nice work!!