Friday, August 14, 2009

Caroline's 4D Sonogram

Although I I'm pretty sure...that I have shared the photos of Caroline's 4D sonogram with everyone who reads my blog through email but I just couldn't take the chance that I accidentally left someone out.

I now know that it is true that every mother or parent for that matter thinks that their child is the prettiest or most handsome thing on the planet regardless of the actual truth. I KNOW that this is true because I believe, even via sonogram picture, that my daughter IS the cutest thing in the (did you catch the corny play on words?)! I have to admit that prior to experiencing this sonogram I was actually worried that she might not be as cute as I had imagined in my head and I had no idea how I would deal if she wasn't, but no worries she is ADORABLE!

Well let's get to the actual experience of the sonogram. It's funny and I haven't shared that with ya'll. So I decided to invite my Mom, Aunt Kathleen, and Mary Ann. This would be the first time for Mary Ann to see Caroline via a sonogram as opposed to my bulging belly. For my aunt this would be the first time she would ever experience a sonogram. My mom had come to a previous sonogram so at this point Cheryl thought she was a pro, never mind the fact that Mary Ann already has two other grandchildren.

Here's the scene..we wait patiently, Mary Ann waited longer because we were running late, in the waiting room for my name to be called. Nice small talk etc. Then my name is called. On the way back to THE ROOM I explain my desire not to be weighed to the nurse. She looks at me for further explanation and I explain that since I am paying for this out of my own pocket and not via my insurance that I don't want to pay to see how much MORE weight I have gained. So after looking at my dead serious face she seats me and my entourage in the inner waiting room. Where we continue to wait. Then Leanne comes and gets me for the sonogram. You should have seen the look on her face when she saw my entourage just talking up a storm and keeping the inner waiting room in stitches with their excitement and my aunt's questions about what to expect etc. So we get there and Leanne explains that Sweet Caroline is in the breech position which will make this a bit more difficult...wonder who she gets that from? We got some great photos nonetheless...

Hands and Feet in the way here. The stuff floating in front of her face is the umbilical cord. Couldn't avoid that!

It's kind of like she's smiling!

Sticking her tongue out at us! She's a bit cheeky!

Look at those fingers and toes! Isn't this crazy stuff? Look at that big foot! It's almost over I promise!

Here she is wrapping her arm around her little knee.

So once we have the pictures printed and Leanne has saved our tape so that we can add more movement to it at the next session (I know that ya'll are all holding your breath for September 2nd and the ultimate release of the movement video. We need a blockbuster type title...Kate could you work on that?) since she was not in the best position this time. We walk to the front so that I can pay the bill. Well I'm walking and the three of them are still oohhing and awwing over the baby naturally so I just keep walking. When we arrive at the desk they begin to show EVERYONE around them the pictures...typical grandmothers and aunt. It was so cute. I think I know that my mother was the worse!

So thanks for letting me go on and on about my cute little girl. I can't wait for all of you to meet her when she arrives in October!


Norm said...

I love her. I really love the one where she's sticking out her tongue! And her fingers are so long!!

melissa said...

I will comment again on how stinking cute she is!! Presh!!