Monday, August 3, 2009

The Work Weekend

Well I don't know where to begin. My parents came in this past weekend to work on several aspects of our house...because yes, that is correct we aren't done with our house YET! They mainly came to "The Woods" to work on the nursery and hang drapery, which is harder than you think!

They didn't arrive until late Friday night so we just hung out and ordered pizza. My mom and I attempted to get a "game plan" together for the next day. Well we woke up kind of late and then we decided to cook breakfast, thanks Kyle...eggs from the farm are delicious! Then around 11:00 we FINALLY made it to Home Depot for the supplies...chair rail and various kinds of molding.

After we had selected the appropriate molding my mother and I left to go to Houston to pick up fabric for the one remaining room that lacks drapes and curtain rods and all of the necessary accessories for the drapery...which there are more than you would think and they cost more than you think. At first we had no luck...then we decided to go to Restoration Hardware where we had tons of luck but my wallet wasn't exactly ready for the Restoration Hardware prices. So needless to say I carried my "feeling sorry for myself" butt to the Tahoe and pressed the Onstar button to ask for assistance in locating the nearest wallet friendly Bed, Bath & Beyond!

Upon arrival said butt was still feeling sorry for itself but after wandering through the drapery department said butt began to feel a bit better for itself. I was able to find curtain rods, matching rings, and brackets for all 7 windows...see why Restoration Hardware was way the hell out of my price limit. Upon checking out we made the trip back to The Woods. But made a pit stop at the local DQ for the Tag-a-long Blizzard (side note: You MUST have one of these before they disappear!).

When we got home the work begun and I put on my supervisor hat. It was wonderful. My Mom, Dad and Kyle did all of the work. The allergies to manual labor, heavy lifting and painting that develop when pregnant are one of the finest things about being pregnant besides feeling the baby move...of course.

Most of the work on the nursery was accomplished and there wasn't that much left to do on Sunday because they all worked really
hard. I started dinner...steaks, potatoes and corn on the cob. A hearty meal for the hard workers.

On Sunday we awoke early and started the process of hanging the drapes. Some might think this process would be easy but not in my family and not with 7 windows that needed drapes. It takes a meeting of all the minds (my Mom, Dad and myself...Kyle is left out of the process much to his happiness) to establish where the rod should be hung, how much "puddle" there should be at the bottom of the drapery panel etc. Needless to say all of the curtains were hung...after I made several trips back to Bed, Bath & Beyond to return TWO curtain rods that were the incorrect length (we really needed my math tutor, Mrs. Newton, from 7-college there with us because apparently my mother and I cannot convert inches to feet well) and several unnecessary accessories.

My parents gathered their things with lightening speed and were out of our house by 2 that afternoon. It was definitely obvious that they were excited to get out of there.

I had to leave that afternoon to go back to Houston to buy more fabric for drapes for our bedroom. Because yes, my mother and I only purchased enough fabric for one there is a window in my bedroom that has a curtain rod but no drapes. But this situation should be rectified in a couple of weeks.

The weekend was exhausting but as
you can tell from the pictures completely worth it!

I'm so over drapes but excited that our house is starting to come together. I think that I'm starting the nesting phase! Watch out!

Here's the nursery...a work on progress....

The guest bedroom just begging for you to come and visit!

New curtains in the breakfast nook. Just need the new table which should be making its way from Corsicana in a couple of weeks.

I should be posting a new bump picture tonight or tomorrow. Vivian has to go to the vet today for her Bordetella shot. Doesn't it just sound awful. She might need some ice cream afterwards. Think about Vivi at 6:00 this afternoon. Her hiny will be ever so sore!


melissa said...

So cute!!!! Love it all! I think the guest room is calling my name!

Kate said...

OMG So cute!!!! I can't wait to visit!!!

Norm said...

if i ever get enough money, the guest room will be thankful for my presence

Lindsey said...

Looks great! I love the houndstooth on the guest bed.

Robinson Family said...

The nursery is super cute! I love it!

Kelly said...

gorgeous nursery!!