Thursday, May 20, 2010


I realize that I'm blessed for absolutely everything that I have...a wonderful husband and an even better chunky monkey (a.k.a. Caroline), but there are some days when I just don't feel as thankful as I should (like tripping and almost breaking my neck on Kyle's flip flops or getting to work and noticing Carolines little love the form of baby spit up on my leg...I know...I know it's a great place for a noticeable stain especially in that particular color). On those days I go here and my thankfulness tank gets fulled up (I'm from Corsicana what did you expect).

I follow her blog on a daily basis. She's an amazing mom, photographer, wife and friend. She reminds me daily about what is important and I just had to share my Kelle fix with my friends. Follow her...learn from her (like I have)...appreciate your life a little more!

This most recent post really reminds me about my last weekend in Shreveport (shout out to those girls) and makes me look forward to my long awaited weekend with my bestest at the end of June. It can't get here quick enough!

Have a great weekend! What you's only Thursday not Friday...that's right readers I'm going to get my groove on tonight at Jimmy Buffett and then no work on Friday. Off to get my chunky monkey and then to Tyler to celebrate the first year of life of my super advanced and adorable's at the zoo and Caroline is wearing a yellow seersucker dress with monkeys and bananas on it. That's your taste for next week's post! Lots of pictures to come.

But seriously head on over to Kelle's blog, but you've been warned get your Kleenex!

Your homework for the weekend...Have a belly laugh like this...


melissa said...

Your blog is so fancy! I feel like I should take my shoes off at the door!

You are very blessed! I am so glad you gave me that blog to read. I told Eric I wanted to name our "oneday" daughter Lainey Love and he told me no. Whatever!

I love that everyone is blogging! It makes my day go by faster!

Norm said...

holy smokes, i was about to write the EXACT SAME THING AS MELISSA!!! (ps-hi melissa, whoever you are!) what's up, fancy pants!

Paul and Leslie said...

Now we all have to step up our blog decor!
Thanks for reminding us that we all need to step back and realize how blessed we are!
Love you...miss you!