Tuesday, May 25, 2010

David's Birthday - Tyler Zoo

Last weekend was CRAZY! We drove to Tyler Friday afternoon, I had taken Friday off, so that we could be there bright and early for our newphew David's FIRST birthday party!

Friday night we all had dinner over at Mary Ann and Doug's house. A little pre-party celebration for the little man. There was lots of cousins playing. If it was any indication of what future Blair/Haley celebrations will be's going to be interesting. Anytime now there will be 4 cousins and they will all be under the age of 4...don't you want to come along for the next celebration?
Waiting on some dinner....

David and Caroline...aren't they cute?
Playing side by cute!

Then Saturday it was up and at 'em for David's party. We all met at the Caldwell Zoo and made the trek up to the party was quite the hike. The room was perfect. David's party was the LAST party at the zoo. They won't be offering it any longer. That's how we roll!

Look at the adorable cake!

The Birthday Boy!

Caroline in her smocked monkey dress. The invitations had monkeys with bananas on them so OF COURSE Caroline had to match....

Caroline had to walk over and see what all the fuss was about...isn't she advanced?
Then it was off to check out all of the animals. If you haven't been to The Caldwell Zoo you should. It's great!

Caroline was actually awake for most of the zoo.
I was kind of obsessed with the's the proof.

Then she fell asleep...
BUT there were tiny birds to be fed with my niece before we left. We walked in to this netted area and were given tongue depressors with seeds glued onto them. Then we just walked over and let the birds nibble. There were a lot of little kiddos in there having the time of their life. I only screamed once and Liv laughed at me. Needless to say these were some fat birds.

Then we were done. It had been a long hot day and it was time to go home and get in the pool!

Caroline had the best time at her cousin David's party...she had her first taste of icing, which surprisingly she wasn't too excited about...and she got to hang out with her family. She had so much fun with her cousin David that she's going to celebrate his birthday again this weekend!


melissa said...

FUN!!! I love the bird "room" of the zoo!

Lindsey said...

Fun Zoo trip. I just got a little outfit made just for the zoo. We need to plan a trip.

As for the messy eater...I just wipe him down and already have the bath water running. I just tossed him in the bath after that messy dinner!