Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Caroline's Christening

The first weekend in June was wonderful. It was Caroline's christening weekend spent with family.

We started out the weekend at the farm with a first...a sippy cup! It went really well considering it was her first time.

Then it was off to the Disney Princess Pool. She had a blast as you can clearly see.
She was trying to get at those princesses!

Splish Splash! Oh how she loves to splash in the water. You should see me after a bath.

Then Vivian decided she needed to cool off.
Seriously...are you guys going to allow this?
Vivian was clearly in Golden Heaven!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. This is my Granny, Caroline's Great Granny, warming up Caroline's little feet.
Then it was time to head inside for a bottle given to her by her Great PawPaw. Caroline wasn't very looks like she's punching him.
Then the big day....
Caroline wasn't so much a fan of the bonnet....

Another one of my favorites...
Tada...THE christening gown in all of its glory.
Eston, the reverend that married Kyle and me, came over from Alley, my parents' church, to perform Caroline's christening. It was so much more special.

After church we headed over to the Kinsloe House for lunch and a wardrobe the other more casual dress...
Lunch was wonderful and it was so great to spend the day with friends and family. We are so incredibly bless to be surrounded by such loving people.

Caroline's christening went so successfully and she looked so beautiful in BOTH of her dresses.

Lots of wonderful memories were made that day. Memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


Robinson Family said...

Okay, so first... you are becomming quite the photographer and I am super impressed! Amazing photos!
Second, I want to get my hands on your adorable little girl. I do not think she could be any more beautiful
and Last, but certainly not least... the picture of Caroline in the pool with Vivian has me in tears everytime I see it... best picture ever... worth a thousand words. This should be a card

melissa said...

love love love those pictures.

Lindsey said...

Great photos. She looks beautiful in that gown and bonnet.

Paul and Leslie said...

Being 1800 miles away has never felt so far :(
I hate missing out on all of the memories. But, thanks for sharing with those of us that can't be there.