Thursday, June 24, 2010

Current Obession

I really really want this pillow right now...I want a bunch of them but this one will suffice for now...

Look it has all the highways that I spend the majority of my time on...honking...cussing...and dreaming about wine!

Well this pillow will have to wait in line because I'm going shopping for fakes, that's right ladies I'm talking Gucci and Louis, this weekend down on Harwin (thanks to Katie for giving me the "low down" on where to go) with my bestest.

Yes, that's right Houston...Ellen and Kristen are footloose and fancy free i.e. no children and no husbands for one might refer to it as bliss (only because we'll get to see our kids and husbands in the morning)!

Saturday can't come soon enough! (but I'll also be ready for Sunday to see my little crawler)

P.S. They also have glasses and they are much more affordable so they'll be coming to live in The Woods sooner then the pillow sadly.


The Medrano Family said...

Where did you find this pillow? All of my dad's family lives in Houston & I am sure they would love one of these!

Kristen said...

Robinson Family said...

Kristen, Initials right by my house carries these and I have often thought I would like to have one.... they are $149 I think...anyway,if they go on sale I will call ya!