Friday, August 6, 2010

Dallas + Casey + Multiple Consignment Shops = a WONDERFUL TIME!

This past weekend Casey and I met up in Dallas to hang out before Henry makes his debut in late October, if you didn't know Kyle and I both think Casey is "single white femaling" me (I mean first the hair color and then the pregnancy with a due date only 2 days off of Carolines, she's also due on Kyle's birthday for crying out loud).

Casey had put a lot of thought into the weekend and I can't tell you how much I appreciated it. She even went so far as to plot our destinations on a map. I became a little frightened when she sent me a message telling me that maybe we should just pack snacks so that we don't have to stop for lunch, this from a pregnant woman!

We met up at Clothes Circuit, an adult consignment store in Dallas, off Preston. It was a great consignment store. I was able to find some great things none of which I needed and of course returned to their original rack because these days all I can think of is diapers, formula, daycare, clothes for Caroline, etc (Casey will be there soon) so I sort of feel guilty for buying stuff for me. I've dubbed this feeling "motherhood." With that being said, Casey was able to find lots of good stuff. Although we almost came to blows over an orange Tory Burch tunic. I plan on stealing it for next summer when she's back to being a size 0 and the larger size, that will remain unnamed, doesn't fit her anymore.

Then lunch at Mi Concina. Casey was kind enough to let me indulge in TWO margaritas in front of her. She is such an amazing friend. Lunch was great. Then more shopping.

We continued to shop around the rest of the day making it to some other stores and a couple antique stores. Nothing really amazing to report except that antique dealers in Dallas have lost their freaking minds. People go to Canterbury Court located in my wonderful hometown of Corsicana, Texas, if you want beautiful English antiques. Don't get completely hosed in the metroplex.

Then we were off to Snyder Plaza to a childrens consignment store, thank you Diana. Of course we were off to a CHILDRENS consignment store and I have to admit that I was secretly excited to get there. I have a sickness/addiction, and the sickness/addiction manifests itself in the form of smocked dresses, bubbles or rompers. I don't even know if there is a known cure...maybe the cure comes in the form of my daughter outgrowing the appropriateness of these outfits. Well until that time comes, I continue to feed my addiction. At this particular store my "fix" was cured in the form of a smocked navy gingham dress that had snow white on it feeding some deers, cuter than it sounds, a purple corduroy smocked dress with frogs dressed up as ballerinas and then a smocked hula girl bubble. As you can see this trip should hold me over until I can get my next "fix" at Hock Your Smocks in Shreveport next weekend! I try to avoid paying full price when satisfying my addiction as you can see.

Then we ended up at Northpark. It was LAST CALL, how could I be in the same town and NOT go, and I needed/just had to find this...come on blue daisy smocked dress. They didn't have it in Caroline's size in Houston. Well guess what I hit the jack pot...24 months, because she's a little larger and I want her to be able to wear it for awhile. Also got some Kissy Kissy outfits for now. Can't pass up $12 Kissy Kissy...if I did they would lock me's a crime to pass up such a good deal...literally!

After Neimans it was time to get Casey a cupcake. We found a cupcake and Casey enjoyed her fancy La Duni cupcake. I was strong and only ordered a coffee (I still have some Caroline weight that I'm lugging around that ABSOLUTELY MUST vanish before October 15th...I simply refuse to still have the extra 10 pounds at her party!). Well the coffee was ordered and they told me the total $6. Are you kidding me? When I received the coffee it was worth every single penny! FABULOUS. If you have $6 to blow I highly recommend the vanilla latte at La Duni.

Then we were both exhausted. Casey was a trooper the entire day. She seemed to be the one encouraging me to keep moving. We finally made it to the hotel around 7. Christopher David is the sweetest husband/future father EVER he got us a hotel room. So sweet and thoughtful. We were both exhausted and didn't feel like going to a restaurant so take out Campisi's it was. We drove to pick it up and I was constantly on the search for a gas station that sells liquor. For those Dallas residents following my blog we were at the one on Campbell so you can understand my problem. I was able to find one with the assistance of the cashier at Campisi's. Thank the lord. After a day full of shopping this woman need a glass(es) of vino!

We got back to the hotel ate our pizza in our beds and talked until midnight. Hanging out with Casey at the end of the day was the absolute best part of the day for me. I have made new friends, friend can be plural if I've only made TWO new friends right?, in The Woods but none compare to my Shreveport friends especially Casey (don't worry my Woods friends don't even follow my blog...that's how close we are)!

Here are some pictures from the weekend...

Casey ripped her skirt from all of the serious shopping.

Henry's loot. Check out those adorable flip flops! I can't wait to see his little feet in them next summer!
The next morning we woke up and made it to Bread Winners for breakfast. It was of course delicious. The next time I'm going to go on a Saturday morning when I don't have to drive 4 1/2 hours with my daughter because I'm most certainly going to partake in the frozen strawberry limeade with vodka. Doesn't that just sound perfect?

I can't wait to see all of my Shreveport friends next weekend. I am really excited that almost all of them will be joining me in the wonderful world of motherhood. I have to admit that it can be the hardest club to get into BUT it is the absolute most rewarding thing I've ever done. I can't wait to finally meet Henry, Charlie and Martin Twin A and Martin Twin B (in birth order of course). What a fabulous fall/winter it is going to be to meet these wonderful miracles! That's FOUR FABULOUS excuses to visit Shreveport. Love you ladies and see you in a week!


melissa said...

For some reason this post made me cry! Gosh, hormones!

I love all Henery's loot! Sounds like a day of serious shopping!

Now I want a cupcake! Dang it!

Lindsey said...

yes, kids clothes are an addiction and the only cure is for them to turn 16. Sounded like a great time! Love Bread Winners!

Casey said...

What a great post! You should put Carolines dresses up there too! They are so cute! Had so much fun...MUAH!!