Friday, August 6, 2010

My Little Hula Girl

Caroline kept tugging at her ear so I stayed home on Monday and made an appointment. Come to find out her ear isn't healing the way the doctor would like so we're on new antibiotics and meeting with a specialist on the 16th. SO I got to stay home. She was in a great mood so I thought dress up. Caroline's Aunt Julie bought her this adorable hula girl costume and I've been meaning to take pictures of her in it but just never got around to time like the present.

Look at those two bottom teeth. Her top two are coming in nicely. Before I know it her entire mouth is going to be full of teeth and she'll look even more grown up (then she does in this itsy bitsy bikini top).

Outside getting some sun on the balcony
Let me out of here...
Hula girl outfit off and about to get dressed for the doctor's appointment but she began climbing up my leg. I swear this child has spidey skills. Pray for good news at the doctor's appointment on the 16th.
Don't worry the hula girl outfit is on loan to Caroline Elizabeth Bowman...hopefully Laura will post some adorable pictures of her Caroline in it soon. I can't wait to see her Caroline in it...not only do they share a monogram (how Southern of us) but they obviously also share dress up clothes!