Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

Well almost my entire family came down for the Houston Rodeo. It was unseasonably cold for the day but we didn't let that get us down because it was TEXAS TECH DAY at the Rodeo and we didn't even plan it.

 There was much to enjoy for Caroline...corny animals...the rodeo...and running around and getting in everyone's way!

 This girl loves her some corny dogs...BUT ONLY at particular events...NOT at home when I make them...go figure!

 This goat was too cute!
 One proud Gumpa

 Hanging out with her PawPaw, Gumpa and Dad learning about a tiny fishing pole...that was ALMOST purchased by all three!
 Not the best picture but she was dancing away to all the "rodeo" music. This girl LOVES to shake her booty!
 She LOVES her PawPaw...clearly!
 Watching the rodeo with her Aunt Kathleen-ie. She buys the BEST outfits for her!
 Getting some Grandmommy lovin'.

There was also one thing in particular that she did NOT enjoy...sitting on a pony for a picture. I didn't get a picture of this incident as Caroline was placed on the pony, a pony that was sitting still with no plans of moving, and immediately demanded to be removed from the pony's back. After this incident we got our money back and were so thankful that we didn't stand in the ridiculously long line for the actual pony ride.

Readers get excited as this weekend Caroline is having her pictures taken at Kemah Boardwalk and I'll post my shots next week...promise! Oh and she's having her picture taken for the heck of should know that I don't need a reason for her to be photographed! Also there might be some pictures in the Texas Bluebonnets...IF (and that's a big IF) I can get this TODDLER to cooperate!


melissa said...

I love the picture with a beer in C's stroller cup holder. It's my fav. Well, the one with her hair sticking out of her hoodie is running a close second.

Diana & Orie said...

adorable! can't wait for more pics...whatever is she going to wear for all these photo ops?

Robinson Family said...

Liam too only likes corny dogs at the fair! I went and bought some for special occations in the fridge.. he will eat them, but not as much love! Mom found toddler Mexican dresses in SA! Let me know if Caroline needs one!