Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tough Comparisons...WHY?

Let me start off by saying that pictures are coming soon but my battery is dead in my camera and I can't locate the charger..just yet but there will EVENTUALLY be pictures.

So today I'm going to ponder aloud via my blog...

Why is it that I compare myself so harshly to others?

Why do I worry so much that I am not going to make as much out of my life as others if I chose to stay at home?


OK ladies...fix me!


Diana & Orie said...

a mother always always chooses what is best for her and her family.....even if it doesn't seem that way to others and even if it is not their do what is right for you....that is what will be right for caroline!

Norm said...

i don't have a kid so i don't know but i think that staying home with your child is just as tough as any other job out there!!!

melissa said...

Being a parent is a very hard job and I'm very sure being an attorney is just as hard and very stressfull. Pray and he will help you make the best choice for you and sweet c!

acwylie said...

What if you worked from home? A lot of the mineral title companies let you work from home these days. You don't make as much as a normal "landman" but it's better than nothing. I've been looking at some work from home options, but I can't afford it because of my stupid student loans. But I would do it in a heartbeat if I could. I say go for it. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Then all of us can be jealous of you staying at home and having spring break all the time.

Paul and Leslie said...

Who's to say that you can't give it a shot? Then, if you don't fill fullfilled go back to work. Do what's best for you, Caroline, and Kyle. No one else can make that decision or judge you for what you decide.
You will be WOMDERFUK at whatever you decide. Just be happy :)

Robinson Family said...

I have been meaning to comment on this post for a while and let me begin by saying this... I was quite shocked to see this post and somewhat relieved all at the same time. When you say that you Compare yoursef to others I laughed because I seem to constantly be comparing myself to you. It seems as though you always have it all together. Successful career. In shape. Cutest outfits for you and Caroline. You find time for home cooked, healthy meals. Made baby food from scratch. AND you still have time for one on one vacations with your husband to keep the relationship alive. I am still trying to find time to return the precious caterpillar you so gracisouly let us borrow.

All that said, I have been struggling in the same way. You DONT get this time back. Liam learns and grows exponentially faster when at home with me. Not that my daycare insn't incredible, but that one on one time is impossible. By the time he gets home we are both tired! I worry that I will regret it for the rest of my life. But I also want to pay for school, trips, college and anything else his heart desires. And if you exit the workforce can you possibly re-enter years later? not likely? And I am on a fast track that really what I want or do I want to be Mommy? And if I don't make a decision quickly is it too late?

Thanks for posting! It makes me feel a little bit closer to the super mommy that i know you are!

acwylie said...

I agree completely with Katie. I look at BOTH of you and wonder if y'all feel the same way. I constantly wonder if Ethan is even going to know who I am when I come home. I sometimes leave before he gets up and by the time we get home and get settled, he's ready for bed. I feel like a horrible mother. Like he's only going to know his Pops. He won't know he has a mother because she's never home. And there are days when I'm feeling good about my decisions. Ethan is definitely going to be better off later in life because like Katie, I'll be able to pay for trips, etc. But is it worth it right at this very second? I don't know, but I can tell you that if given the chance, like if I won the lottery, I'd quit in a heartbeat and stay home at least until he started school. My mom didn't start teaching until I was a freshman in high school. Then I had this super cool sophomore girl who picked me up for school :-)

I'm glad you guys feel the same way. I think we need to start a mommy support group :-)