Tuesday, April 10, 2012

24 weeks and a HUGE announcement

So heres another picture of the bump in my work restroom (I know I know it's getting a little ridiculous). I'm getting rather big and so are the girls (DD)!! Went to the doctor and got weighed and I'm up to about 15 pounds total weight gain but I think I could shave at least 1-2 pounds off that since it was a late afternoon appointment...duh one can use pregnancy math when calculating her weight's a privilege earned during pregnancy.

So on to the big announcement because the 15 pound weight gain although BIG is not the HUGE announcement. Today I told my boss that I would not be returning to work after the baby is born. I was so nervous and I still am about what the future will hold but I'm really excited for this new phase in my life. I know it will be the absolute HARDEST thing that I'll do in my life but I'm so ready for it. Spending at best 1 1/2 hours with C a night simply wasn't enough. I'm also blessed that I have such an amazing husband that works so hard to make this move to STAY AT HOME MOM possible.

Check back in on my after the adrenalin wears off and see if I'm still this excited. Stick around and check out the shenanigans we get ourselves and my expanding brood.


Lindsey said...

congrats!! What a great feeling to know you will get to stay home with your babies!!