Thursday, April 19, 2012

25 Weeks

Well this week has been a milestone. Not a pregnancy one but a milestone in my own adult I mailed in my bar card along with my request for inactive status...It was a little bit more painful than I imagined...I mean that gold card cost me and continues to cost me (and Kyle) quite a pretty penny. Right when the panic attack set in I quickly realized what I was trading it in for...once that realization hit I laughed to myself and thought, Hell they can keep it if they want to...I'm most definitely on to bigger and better things!!!


Stephanie Jordan said...

Your hair looks really good in this picture!!

And congrats on your milestone. Hard, but definitely worth it in the end. I think this is something that lots of women struggle with. That desire to be a "working woman" changes a little, even if you do keep working!