Friday, April 27, 2012

26 Weeks

So nothing really "important" was going on this week so I thought I'd challenge myself...I'll go ahead and let you know I failed. I thought that I would try and take pictures all this week of my "outfits" and that I would try to wear non maternity clothes this week as an example of making your clothes work...well I didn't make it...I got lazy and simple didn't want out this might be TMI...shave my legs. Here's what I wore

This is a regular dress from Old Navy. I absolutely LOVE it and I don't think it's because I was able to still fit in to a MEDIUM!!!

Another Old Navy Dress...Old Navy is a great STAPLE for maternity clothes that are not maternity!
Old Navy Dress, Old Navy Cardigan, Old Navy Belt...note a theme
Target cardigan, Old Navy tank, Gap MATERNITY green pants (this was the first day of failure)

Followed up by the second day of failure...Old Navy MATERNITY tank and GAP white MATERNITY pants

I have to admit that even though not much happened this week, I'm so excited for the weekend. My parents are coming in town to help "start" to get Caroline's bedroom together...the bedframe, new chandelier and bedding will all arrive when they do at some point tonight. 

The nursery is starting to take shape as well. My parents are bringing the dresser/changing table that I had painted/lacquered as well as this fabulous lucite side table that will be THE perfect spot for my wine while I spend some good quality hours back in the rocking chair. My Dad will also be hanging the chandelier for the nursery.

Also, on Saturday some painters are coming by to give an estimate about painting Caroline's big girl room. So hopefully they'll be able to get that done before the arrival of her headboard and lacquered dresser.

So there will be lots of room updates to come next week.

Also coming next week is the 4D ultrasound and all the family that is coming in for that...lots of stories to come