Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm so incredibly scared to be posting this BUT...

I'm going to anyway. I realize that I only have 22 followers, but let's face it numbers really aren't important...are they...hope not? Regardless, the 22 people that do follow me are incredibly important people...they are my peeps...friends...amigos...pals...mates...a few lucky ones I consider my friend family (definition - those people that are so incredibly important to you that you choose them as your family despite the lack of blood relation). I believe you get the picture.

So my 22 followers, I'm putting myself out there...I'm looking for

As many of your know, I have been a dedicated reader of Kelle Hampton's blog, By dedicated I mean a blog stalker. I check her blog EVERY SINGLE DAY and when there is nothing new I get rather upset. So I've been inspired by her latest fundraiser. She managed to raise over $100,000 for the National Down Syndrome Society in honor of her daughter Nella. And my source of inspiration for my act of "paying it forward."

Recently my friend Megan went to Africa for vacation, strange I know but if your lucky enough to have Megan in your life you know this is simply the norm for her. She has been posting about her trip on her blog ( and I've been faithfully reading all about her trip. Her pictures are amazing and the subject matter is humbling.

So enough procrastination...clearly I'm stalling...after reading about Megan's trip, the daily struggle to obtain drinking water and looking into all of those children's faces (the last one was the hardest on this momma) I have decided to do something with my 2011. I am going to spend it saving...

I know, I can hear the gasps from all of my 22 followers...strange for me to utter those words. My my plan is to raise $1,000 and "purchase" a pump for a well somewhere in Africa.

I have made this decision simply because God has blessed me in excess...I have a wonderful husband...beautiful daughter...fabulous friends and education (that sometimes I use and sometimes I don't :) ). I am incredibly lucky and quite frankly it's time for me to pay it forward...and I'm paying it forward in the form of clean water.

I would love to exceed my goal with your help, but what I want most is accountability from you guys. Help me to be strong and stay focused on my goal. It's not like it's a million dollars but hey everyone has to start someone and I'm starting with a well pump.

I plan on using this organization...

So friends please help me be accountable. I really want to be a part, albeit a small part, of helping to get clean water, a basic need I most certainly take for granted, to as many people as possible. (I'm also hoping this will help with my ridiculously unhealthy addiction to smocked clothes for Caroline).

I'll post monthly updates once I figure out my The Water Project page.


Robinson Family said...

I think you are incredible. I am so blessed to have you as a friend and I am inspired by you all the time. Thanks for always being there for tips, etc.

Norm said...

i love it! those kids need water (and food and clothes and a lot of stuff). I'm so proud of you and i will help out however i can!