Friday, January 21, 2011

Imagination Day at The Climbing Tree

Today was Imagination Day at Caroline's school. They were going to dress up as whatever they wanted and go to the church gym for snacks, face painting and games.

I had no idea what to dress Caroline as. I received lots and lots of good suggestions but none really worked out. I tried Megan's suggestion of a rainbow unicorn but Caroline kept taking off the cone/horn and she was incredibly bothered by the yarn tale. Then I attempted a hula girl. My daughter, the goat, attempted to eat the grass skirt so that was a no go. Then we settled on a fairy and it was on with the wings and tutu. Here's the results. I can't wait to see if they painted her face when I get home today from work.

This is Caroline and her favorite teacher Ms. Karen, she was a birthday girl...I don't get it either

Having her breakfast like a big girl as her classmates watch on like hawks. I would too if they knew how good my, from scratch mind you, homemade banana bread really is.