Friday, January 21, 2011

RSV...pretty rough stuff

On our long New Year's Eve Weekend Caroline started to get rather sick and was coughing something terrible. As the weekend wore on I grew more and more concerned. So I had Kyle take her to the doctor's office Monday morning for an early appointment I had set. I really didn't think much of the appointment. I thought at the worst we would get antibiotics and instructions to commence the dreaded breathing treatments yet again. Well at 9:30 I look down at my phone and realize that I had several missed calls from Kyle as well as several text messages from him. I called him back and he informed me that Caroline was being admitted to the hospital because they thought she had pneumonia. Well I dropped everything and ran out of my office screaming explanations of where I was going. I don't think I've ever driven that fast or said as many prayers. When I arrived at the hospital Caroline looked horrible her skin was so blotchy and she was so lethargic. I had never seen her like this and I can honestly say that this was the scariest moment of my life.

So after blood tests, snot testing and chest xrays it was determined that Caroline did not have pneumonia but in fact she had RSV. This meant we were quarantined to our hospital room. A rather larger hospital room but a hospital room nonetheless. So, as can be expected, my mom was on the road. She joined us for the first night in the hospital. The goal for the night was to allow the antibiotics and steroids to work and to avoid Caroline's oxygen dropping below 90 so that we could fingers crossed leave the hospital Tuesday morning. So we all piled into our respective beds...and Caroline was not having sleeping in her cage. So it was in the bed the two of us went. Well around 9 Caroline's levels fell and she had to be put on oxygen. It was horrific. They had to tape her face so that she wouldn't pull the tubes out of her nose. It was 100 times worse than any of the shots so far. Well we knew that we were in for another night at the hospital because once she was put on oxygen they required her to stay another night in the hospital so that they could monitor her levels once the oxygen was removed.

In the morning her levels improved, as they do with kids low at night good during the day, and they removed the oxygen. This was, as you can imagine, a leg flinging fist flying fight (side note, since she had an IV she had a splint under it which was wrapped with that tape like material they wrap your arm in after you give said fist is quite power now).

Well, Kyle was great and went and bought all of our meals. His girls weren't going to subside on hospital food. We survived an entire day locked in a hospital room unable to get out and move about and Caroline only had about a 4 foot area that she would walk in because she was attached to her IV and the oxygen monitor. It was the most relaxing day I've ever had. I can't even count how many melt downs there were and boy did they last and last. I, having the easiest child to date, have never experienced screaming and crying that is unsootheable. I was sweating in places that I can't even write about from the stress of the situation. There really isn't enough Yellow Tail to make me forget that horrific day. With that being said, it was completely understandable behavior for Caroline to exhibit in those situations. My aunt has said that Caroline probably thought we were all crazy for not realizing that we were all being held against our will and tortured. BUT we made it through....

So the second night, levels were a little iffy but we made it through with no oxygen and we were able to leave Wednesday morning all tired but excited. We were jumping up and down and Caroline was clapping it was the best moment EVER!!! They unwrapped Caroline's faux cast that had been hitting me in the face both nights and the worst stink permeated the room. It was gag-able. I had never smelt something so terrible and I have an extensive history of touring cheese factories...a European cheese factory as well as one on a family vacation...don't be jealous. How did that happen in just three short days! Well they wheeled the wagon to her room and we loaded her in it and off to the car we went.

I put her in the car seat. She looked up at me and jumped up and down and smiled the biggest smile. She was asleep before I even pulled out of the parking lot. When we got home she got the first bath and it was off to play with all of her stuff.

It most certainly was an experience and I'm so glad it is over. I may sound weird by saying it but I'm glad that we went through it because most importantly Caroline is OK but Kyle and I were both shown two things: (1) the amazing power of prayer and (2) that we have the most amazing friends and family in our lives.



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