Friday, January 21, 2011

New Year's Eve

Was spent at home with just the four of I'm not pregnant...Kyle, Caroline, Vivian and myself. We did sparklers early and then the bambino (guess she's not really a bambino anymore but there's nothing really cute to call a toddler) went to bed. Surprisingly enough the fireworks didn't bother her at all...Vivian on the other hand was a different story!

Party hats are a must at our house on NYE!

After dinner it was outside for sparklers with Daddy
Check out her AWESOME party dress!

She was mesmerized by them.

The sparklers were sort of duds. They wouldn't burn all the way...go figure...Kyle picked them out!

New Year's Day and she was ready to support her Red Raiders in the Ticket City Bowl, not to be confused with the Cotton Bowl where the game was played...

Out riding around in her new car from Nana. She loves this thing. Currently, she's testing me by standing up and pushing the button to make it go.

The beginning of the dreaded RSV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!