Friday, January 21, 2011

Too Long...

To say that it's been too long would be an understatement...I plan on catching everyone up mainly with photos and a few words where necessary.

So let's start with Christmas...Caroline got everything...I got Tory Burch and Kyle got Gander Mountain gift cards...must lock up all of the guns NOW!!!!

This was Caroline's school Christmas "program." I used air quotes because they strolled them around with music. It was odd but it was her first program, and in all of my first time mom glory I invited EVERYONE...we took up an entire row in the chapel type of everyone...both of my parents were there as well as Ryan, Jessica and David as well as Kyle and myself...overboard I know for her being strapped in a stroller and pacifier shoved in her mouth...but like I said to begin with...FIRST TIME MOM!!!
She looked like she wasn't sure what to do with all of it...clearly pacifiers were a MUST in this situation.

Aaawww, the old toddler vs. the Christmas tree. I believe this battle has been raging since the first Christmas tree was erected.

I'll be taking this picture EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!!
Cupcakes from the don't walk to this fabulous place. They did Caroline's cupcakes for her birthday party and they are absolutely delicious!!!
Oh she remembered those cupcakes alright!
I made these sugar cookies with the holiday messages in them and made some with Caroline's cousins' names in them too...leave it to Williams Sonoma...although the process of sliding the teeny tiny letters in wasn't without some curse words...even the holiday spirit couldn't help that!

This girl loves her Great PawPaw
The vintage Mercedes pedal car
So ready to try it out
Holy heck there's a giant caterpillar trying to get me!!!

She loves to put on her lipstick aka chapstick!

We obviously had a wonderful Christmas. God has truly blessed us. We couldn't be happier with our lives!!!!